The optimum or maximum size of a virtual community

How many members can participate in a forum at LingQ at the same time?
If more than fifty members start their threads on a forum at the same time, we will see a kind of chaos. Is there an optimum number of active participants in the forums? What is the maximum number of active participants in each forum?

LingQ is not a real community but a virtual on-line community. Isn’t there no limit to the number of active participants?

I spend all points on “Post and Submit for Correction.” I wonder how many people can enjoy this function in the future.

“Isn’t there no limit to” should read “Isn’t there any limit to.”

Wait what’s going on? I just woke up…

It’s a community and a forum… I think just like actual world overpopulation we’re well away from being overpopulated on lingqs forum…

Do you think that there is no prospect of a drastic increase concerning the number of active forum members in the future?

It helps if the forum system automatically marks any topic that you have contributed to as “watched”, and also offers a search on forum posts by poster, so that you can easily find the threads you are active in from all the noise.

In my experience as forums (fora?) get bigger they tend to fragment, so that people hang out in their own favourite subforums. I’ve never personally known a community get too big to operate. Look at London. I’m always amazed that the laws of gravity don’t create a mini black hole out of all those bodies crammed into one city.

A number of studies show that the optimal number is 42.

Also the answer to the ultimate question of life right? What was the question again?