The "Open Request" function is moribund

I imagine that two members have clicked the “Complete” or “Update Response” button without changing anything. I suspect that the system is to blame.


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Hello Yutaka, I might be one of the people who hit respond without doing anything. The request just said Hi, Jim there is an open request and respond. So I hit respond and it was written in German. Since I don’t speak German I didn’t answer. I just got a second email. So I hit respond again and it was just saying the above remark. I don’t understand what it is that you want corrected.

I am testing the function by submitting a request, which in itself is a genuine request for correction.

Could you try to respond to the request? You may change any word. I want to know how the system works.

Moribund. Awesome word. So rarely is there a need for that word. Impressed you know that word. Really funny how you used it. No one would suspect you were not a native English speaker from your writing.


Thank you for your compliment.

For some reason the word “moribund” sounds mysterious to me. I must associate “mori” with “forest” , and “bund” with “Bund” in German.
In Japanese “森(mori)”, which consists of three trees(木), means “forest”.

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I could tell he wasn’t a native because he used that word. Still, it was nicely done.

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I agree with you, Julia. Yutaka comes across like a brilliant native British speaker… ^^_^^ Actually, I recall both a work colleague and a fellow law student in the habit of using that word. Perhaps it’s simply not a native American word… ^^

I had to look it up. In the US one would more commonly say “at deaths door” , “near death” if referring to a person or simply “dying” if referring to a thing.

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But perhaps some can’t see the forest for the trees…

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Some people are more native than others.
(If you change “native” in the above sentence to “equal”, and “people”, to “animals”, it will become a famous expression used by George Orwell.)

The word moribund comes from the Latin word “moribundus”. In Portuguese we have the word “moribundo” :slight_smile:

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