The open next lesson button is gone

Hello, at the end of the lesson, there was a button called open the next lesson, now it has disappeared. This button was very useful, is it possible to show it again?

In fact, the repetition and information about the course was better. I could already see the general status from the user information. The previous lesson ending screen was more beautiful. If you want, remove the word review button, but the others were very useful.

I see it on iOS and on the Mac with Chrome. The location does appear to have changed. Its at the top instead of on the right on the desktop.

Can you please check again? The option to open the next lesson should still be there, below the LingQs and Known words stats.

I also do not see the statistics where I can see how many times I have read or listened to a particular lesson so for keeping total read word count in balance I have to adjust it manually which is no longer possible with this new layout.

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I love the list of links that is there now!


You could also ‘adjust’ the amount that you had read, and the audio via a multiplier to keep things accurate,

I go back/forth a lot, and often get a reading multiplier of 1.3 - 1.6. I adjust this down to 1.0.
I also often do not get ‘listening credit’ when I am in Sentence mode, or if I use the ‘S’ key for the audio. In this case, I up it to 1.0.
Both the up and the down adjustment helps to keep the overall stats accurate. (I’m a geek, no apologies)

Anyways, the adjustments used to be on the page with the ‘next lesson’ button (after you finished a lesson). This was also gone this morning.

I would love to have an option again to 1.0 my reading and listening.

The only bad thing I can think about the multipliers is that you could start a long/difficult chapter one day, and Lingq credits you like you read 1.3. at midnight, The 2nd, day, you finish the chapter and you if you adjust the multiplier down, you can actually read negative words for the 2nd day, but the average over 2 days is accurate.