The number of New Words are different in My Lessons to the right pane

I’ve just created all the LingQs possible for a particular lesson but when I go back to My Lessons I find that there’s another 22 New Words remaining for that lesson. I open the lesson again and there are no blue words in the text. How can this be possible?

Can you provide the URL of the lesson?

Here you are: Login - LingQ

The link does not work for me.

To me it does. This is an imported lesson, maybe this is why you cannot open it?

Anyway, this lesson is the only active one in My Lessons in French section (named Dialóg 01-20 Rövid, Dialóg 01).

And this lesson is Private, as well, by the way …

You just need to add the URL to your imported lesson. Click on the Edit pencil to open the lesson in Imports, and then copy and paste the URL. You can then share the lesson with me on my wall, or with anyone else you want, followers for example. Others can then can see the article or Import it themselves. Some Imported lessons have formatting that influences our word count so it can be helpful to see the lesson to find out what is happening.

Hi Steve, I have pasted and saved the URL for that lesson. The word count is getting better: it has dropped to 21 from 22 :slight_smile:

Have you shared the lesson now? Share it on your wall.

I have just shared it. It’s on my wall.

When you look at this lesson in the My Lessons view it shows 21 blue words ?

@CsontMadarka - Can you open up the lesson and take a screenshot then either post it on my wall or send it to support (at) The issue doesn’t seem to be affecting me and I see the correct number of new words remaining in the text, so instead a screenshot would help to better understand why this might be happening.

Sorry for the late reply.

@steve: It still shows 21 in My Lessons view.

@alex: I have sent the screenshots to the email address above.

Thanks for the screenshots, that helps to better understand the issue. It seems like it may be a caching problem, but we’ll look into this further and let you know if we need any further information.

Ok, thanks.