The number of LingQs is wrong // How to start over

My statistics shows 9 LingQs.
In the Vocab section I only see 6 items.
Where are the missing 3 LingQs?

How can I start over and reset the number of “known words”?

  1. I had 5135 Known Words in German this morning. Then I studied Franz Kafka. Ein Brudermord ( from the LingQ library.

I saved 51 LingQs. The lesson page told me that I had 104 new words in this text that were still highlighted in blue, but which I had not saved. I clicked on I Know All to add these 104 words to my Known Words total.

My known words total changed and is now 5135 + 104 = 5239. The saved LingQs are not known so I went to my Vocabulary page and selected the “By creation date” view to see my most recently saved 50 LingQs. I chose to view 50 at once. I then selected All and moved them all to Known.

The statistics on my Profile page show a total Known Words of 5239 + 50 = 5289. So far so good!

However, my badge shows 5285. So there can be a discrepancy somewhere, but I think it is not important in the long run.

2, You cannot reset the number of known words. However you can go back and save more LingQs and that will reduce the number of known words.

Good luck.