The new Mezzofanti

Many people are skeptical when they hear of people who speak 30 or more languages, especially those who speak languages well themselves. For the last month Luca has been talking enthusiastically about his friend Emanuele Marini. Now I understand why. Take a look at this incredible video where Emanuele is interviewed in 15 languages. I have heard it said that he speaks more than 35. Is he the new Mezzofanti?

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Q. “How did you learn our language?”
A. “From a Book”

This guy is amazing! He is for sure in the same tradition as Mezzofanti. I’d like to imagine that there are quite a few guys (and girls) like him out there, you just have to be lucky enough to come across them.

Does he have a blog? I’d love to hear his method of learning.


I don’t know Emanuele, but I suspect that his success is mostly due to his attitude and hard work and not to any unique talent. Of course, the more languages he learns, the better he gets. But I think many many people are capable of doing what he has done if they were to apply themselves like Emanuele.