The needle has gone right into the red? I didn't get it

As I read (My 2016) from (The World around us) by evgueny40, I found this idiom " the needle has gone right into the red" and I didn’t get it. I’ve looked up in some dictionaries, but nothing showed up…so I hope you help me

(( And when it comes to fear of Russia, especially in the Baltics and Poland, the needle has gone right into the red. ))

It means the needle of the gauge has moved into the red area, which usually indicates danger. For example, here’s an image of a RPM gauge in a car. The needle is at 4, and the red area starts around 6.5. If the needle enters the red zone, you’re in danger of damaging the engine of your car.


I’m guessing this was figurative speech - like a needle on a scale going up (or down) into the red danger zone.

(Like an indicator showing the engine temperature of a car, etc.)

EDIT: I see that solanderdog posted just ahead of me :smiley: Anyway, I agree with him.

Thank you so much

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thank you so much, I really appreciate it