The "Move all words to known" button is not working

The “Update” widget appears, but that is all: the words stay blue.

Yes, I’ve written today about it.
In fact, sometimes it works, but mostly not.

I have also reported the problem and we will fix it Monday. If you refresh the page, the blue words turn white but the number of blue words remains. When I look at the lesson on my iPad it is all fine.

Sorry for the inconvenience. Apparently it is connected with a small fix that was made on Friday on another issue. Should be OK again on Monday.

It seems to be working for me fine. However, an annoying “Congratulations on completing this lesson!” window keeps appearing.

Does not work for me. I moved all blue to know, blue background under words disappeared, but when I turned app off and came back to that lesson words are blue again. I use iLingQ on android.
When I try it on web site it works just fine.

And you registered here just to write that comment? a spam-bot attack? I know that similar post disappeared a while ago…

@Evgueny, eugrus - We are working on this. Not sure why it only affects certain users.

@wiktor - Thanks for pointing out the spammer. We got rid of him. Regarding the issue with the “move all to known” button. We are working on it. It’s a strange bug that only seems to affect certain users.

@ColinJohnstone - We used to show these statistics in the info pane in the dashboard when you clicked that button. This was not convenient because it replaced whatever you were last looking at on the lesson page with the info pane. We decided to go back to having a popup for this although we did separate the information into two panes to make sure it was clear.