The meeting has been postponed "to" Wednesday

Ex.1 The meeting has been postponed to Wednesday.
Ex.2 The match had to be postponed until next week.
Ex.3 We are going to postpone it until the Friday after next.
Q1: I’m kind of confused by the preposition after postpone. Should I use “to” or “until”, are there any rules or are they interchangeable?
Q2: The synonym of postpone is “put back” or “put off” right? How about the opposite of postpone?
Thank you!!

postponed/put off until
rescheduled/rebooked for
put back/ moved to
antonyms: advance, bring forward

Q1: I don’t think there is any difference. I think “until” sounds better than “to.” I wouldn’t personally say “postponed to Wednesday.”

Q2: I think a synonym would be “push back” (to Wednesday). “Put off” (until Wednesday) is fine but I feel like this term sometimes suggests procrastination. The opposite of postpone is probably “move up” (to Wednesday).

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This ^^^^

I wouldn’t ever say “postponed to”

What would you say instead?

I would say:

postponed until
postponed 'til

put off til
put off until
put off to

pushed back to

moved to
moved back to

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