The location of the LingQ widget

I used to move my LingQ widget around. Now I have started leaving it at the bottom of my page in the WorkDesk. I find this more convenient. I wonder what other people do. Do you leave it in one place?If so where?

Or do you move it around?

Although I love creating and studing LingQs, it’s really a little bit clumsy to use the LingQ widget. I tend to keep it on the the top of the window, so it stays more visible when editing. But I still didn’t find a really comfortable way of using it. Maybe it could be the case for some more formal user interface experiments…


I used to keep it at the top. Try keeping it at the bottom. It really works a a lot better for me.

What do others think?

ok, I’ll give it a try.
By the way, I’m Ana, from Brazil, and I really would like to be able to change my login name to a more friendly one without loosing all my words.
Would it be possible?

I got used to the widget and I usually leave it at the bottom. But I think it could be better, personally I think it is bit slow.

I moved the LingQ widget around when I first started studying on the LingQ. Then I found it works the best to leave it at the bottom of the page. I never move it since then. I also think the LingQ widget is too slow. I hate to wait for the widget saving words. I would appreciate it if you could make it a bit faster.

Ana, I am sorry that I did not answer you earlier question. You can change your name and you will not lose your data.

Yes, we know that we should improve the design of the widget, increase the speed, and improve some of the functions like tagging. We will get at it as soon as we can. Your patience is appreciated.

Meanwhile comments and feedback are appreciated even if we cannot respond immediately.

Ana, I am sorry if I forgot to tell you that you can change your username any time and you will not lose your data.

We know that the widget is slow, and that the design and functions can be improved. We will get to it. Believe me I am anxious to improve everything as soon as we can, but we cannot do it for a few weeks or so. Your patience is appreciated.

Please give us your feedback as it helps in the improvements that we intend to make to all aspects of the site.

Forum acting up…I though I had lost my first post so I added another one. Sorry.

I used it at the top and I felt inconvenient. Keeping at the bottom was worked for me. Thank you, it’s nice idea. I think that the bottom triangle design of the widget took off the idea from me to setting at the bottom.

I have soon kept it at the bottom of the screen. It seems it is the better place.