The Linguist: Personal guide to language learning in Polish

Since last week Mark announced that we will have new languages at LingQ, now I know that there are users which learn or want to learn Polish. Therefore I have a question. Some time ago with the Steve’s consent I translated into Polish a part of his book The Linguist, the part in which he describes his language learning method.

I did it rather for my Polish fellows, those who don’t speak English well enough to read the book yet, to share with them the method, not for Polish language learners. Yet now I’ve thought that it could be also a good material to learn Polish. Especially that there in the LingQ library already are next to the original English version the complete Spanish and Japanese translations. Maybe not only these two, I’m not sure I haven not checked in all libraries. In conclusion, if there are someone who would like to have the translation as a Polish language learning material I can add to the text a voice recording. I’ve never done something like that, but I can try :slight_smile: Let me know if you find the idea useful.

Yes,it would be very useful and interesting. Because of my origin I understand 70 per cent of Polish although I can’t ‘rozmawiach po-polscu’ as I had no practice for many years after the death of my grandfather. It is also interesting for me for I am translating Steve’s book into Russian now.

It would be great! I am not too familiar with Polish (the only quite strong recollection of the Polish language is from tv-series “Czterej Pancerni i Pies” aka “Три поляка, грузин и собака”), but I would like to learn it, as well as Czech, Serbian and others. Now I am obsessed with Japanese, but the next one, I think, will be some Slavic language.

Greg, I also think that’s a good idea! However, I, the potential learner of Polish, am waiting not only for translations, but for authentic Polish materials about everyday life, work, relationships, hobbies, etc. I think when Polish section of LingQ is open, I won’t study translated materials such as “The Power of the Linguist”, “Eating Out”, etc. I’d like something really new.
If you are good at telling your own stories, you may write half a page of a simple text about your life and read it or record a story without prepared text and transcribe it. If you prefer to transcribe content which is created by other people, you may try to transcribe an other person’s podcast, for example, Anyway, your work would be very useful.

@ evgeny: "I am translating Steve’s book into Russian now. "
спасибо Евгены!
I look forward to reading it in Russian :smiley:

any Polish transcript with recording would be welcomed by me…

unfortunately it is difficult learning Polish according to the rules of LingQ. Starting with learning Polish according to the rules of schools or learning programms do not fascinate me. But I would be very happy if we could learn this language. I met any Polish people during my business trips to Poland and they were very friendly. It would be nice if we get the possibility so that I can exchange Polish sentences. I have vote Polish at least.

@blackydierennmaus, I’m sure that learning Polish is not an easy task for Germanic languages speakers, but I believe that it is an easier task than learning Chinese of Japanese. I even think that it is easier than learning Russian, but in this case I’m not completely sure of that :). So, if there is already Russian at LingQ the system will be work equally effectively for Polish.

I’ve started to prepare a Polish content for the LingQ library. By the time when LingQ will be support Polish I’ll publish it on the page . Any suggestions are welcome .

Hey Greg you can also put your stuff up on

Thank you Greg! It seems to me that you wrote in natural language. That’s interesting for those who know Russian. Too simplified beginner-level content would be too boring for Slavs.
Thank you again, please don’t give up this work!

Thanks Greg. I have been studying Polish for quite sometime now and any new material is always welcome.