The linguist on Ipad


I sought if there is a good application for english learning on app store, but I didn’t find some thing interesting.

I know that the linguist system is based on flash, and unfortunately iOS (iphone os) don’t support flash technology. Apple encourage developer to use HTML 5 rather than flash. There is a lot of talk about this the last few months.
I think iOS plateform could be a great place to learn a language quickly and efficiently. Mostly the ipad devices. So, I wonder if there is a way to use the linguist system on the ipad.

So, I’m asking the web developer of

Thank you in advance.

Get the LingQ app at the iTunes store, free of charge of course. This will only allow you to do flash cards. Then wait 10 days or so and you will see version 2 with many more options and features.

As for iPad, we have members using it now for LingQ and they are delighted.

Also, LingQ is not based on flash so that needn’t be a concern.

Thank you for your answers.

Have a good day.