The Linguist book

I have started listening to and reading my book, The LInguist, A Language Learning Odyssey, in Russian. I must say that most of the things that I wrote in 2002 about language learning remain true today. When people ask about what do do when they are discouraged, or ask for advice in their language learning, I often feel that my book might be of help to them.

I wonder if there would be any interest in me offering a series of group discussions on my book in a variety of languages. We would all read and listen to the book, in whatever language, and then discuss it.

I am quite thick skinned, so if this is of no interest, don’t hesitate to say so.

Is it weird listening to a translated version of your own words?
Especially ones from such a long time ago. I feel a bit bizarre reading things I said like two days ago.

Anyway, I suppose that is kind of interesting.
What languages has it been translated into?

I think I really want to read that book. I would love to discuss it. Might help my learning with Korean. I would have to obtain the book first. How much is it again? I will save up my money hehe.

also would help me to learn if I bought the book in english and bought the book in Korean. then I have my native language to refer to and I can also listen to it in Korean while looking at the Korea book and have english to help. what do you think?

The book is available in most of our libraries here at LingQ, audio and text.

I would find those discussions interesting and would sign up for the languages I speak if the times suited.

There’s a big gap in the German version of the book… a lot of lessons are missing.

Steve, as you know I’m a big fan of your book. I definitely want to join the group discussion of your wonderful book, “The Way of the Linguist: A Language Learning Odyssey”. You, Your YouTube videos and your book totally changed my way of learning English and the effect of the book has been effective all the way for about one year since I read the book. When I sometimes feel discouraged your book and those audio files at LingQ have helped me to get recover from the discouragement.

I think that beginner and intermediate language learners tend to feel discouraged or frustrated in the course of learning the target languages many many times compared to the world class polyglots!. As I told you in Japan when we met I believe that many language learners all over the world have gained many tips and encouragements from your book so far.

So, when and how are you planning to have group discussions using your book? I would like to join the discussion as long as I am available for the time schedule that you plan, even if the participant is only me.

In addition, I would like the complete audio files that match your book perfectly if you have time to read and record your whole book again. The audio files at LingQ don’t correspond to the book perfectly now and the commercials recorded in the end of the each audio file discourage me to continue to listen to all the audio files continuously over and over again. If you make an unabridged audiobook of your book I will definitely buy it like I bought your book via!






:wink: See you!

Yes there are sections of the German book missing. I appreciate those who helped with the parts that have been done, and would hope we get the remaining sections done. Anyone interested please contact me and we can certainly find some points as compensation.



Note that there are two links of Japanese version. There are audio files attached in the above version, however there are no audio files attached in the following version.

The latter link might as well be erased in order to avoid confusions.

Is the group discussion thing still going to happen? If not, would it be easier to discuss the book in this thread instead?

I am into a few chapters of the Portuguese version. Here is a good quote from the chapter “A Language Adventure” (in English):

“A true linguist needs to be adventurous and to overcome the fear of the unknown.”

Perhaps many “input folks” lack this mindset. For those who are already at the intermediate level, use the language today! Be ‘adventurous’! To the very least, interact with the native speakers in these forums. Yes, in their languages!

Oh no, please don’t get me going on Portuguese - my brain is already dangerously overloaded! :-0

(I have a secret crush on Portuguese, but I don’t think we can ever be together…)

JayB wrote “I have a secret crush on Portuguese, but I don’t think we can ever be together…”

Nonsense, you can be fluent in 3 months!