The Library is not working

I can’t find any lessons in the library anymore—whatever filters I select, I always get a blank page.

I get the same thing for my Spanish library. I’ve even removed Google Chrome then redownloaded. That didn’t help. Attempted to refresh multiple times with no luck. Perhaps an issue with this hacking. Anyone else having this issue??

It happens in each language I tried. Please fix it ASAP; we pay a lot of money for this service, and due to the outages and non-functioning library, the website has been unusable for days now!

Ahh! I see that issue now in my German library too. Though choosing Playlists seems to work, together with the level filters (Beginner, Intermediate etc), so maybe you can use that to find some new lessons until the bug is resolved.

I don’t think it is fair to say we pay a lot of money for this service. A year subscription here costs me less than a week of rent for my tiny one person apartment in a cheapish part of Vienna.

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I think it is definitely fair to say that we pay a lot of money. I pay for a lot of online services, and LingQ is among the most expensive. I am willing to pay for LingQ because it is currently the best option in its category on the market. Nevertheless, in terms of downtime, it is the worst of all online services I use. That’s something that really needs to be improved upon.

Library Search: No results, “Internal error”. LingQ is full of annoyances, and in the moment I am really not willing to pay for it. Good that there are alternatives.

Sorry for the trouble! We are looking into it now. Hope to have it solved very soon.

HHHHmmmmm… Lingq is on a downhill spiral ever since that attack a couple of days ago. Things on the site don’t work, but I know it takes some time to fix this kind of stuff. Programming requires a lot of time and accuracy. So, because of that I’ll take some days off of lingq and let the boys and/or girls at the office fix it in the mean time. When times seem tough, you must endure it. Good luck The Lingq Support Team in fixing the problem.

Very frustrating. I have 0 results when I went to the library, but I’m not annoyed with team lingq. I’m sure there are other problems.

@all - We’re very sorry for the trouble with this. We’re still on high alert, as the attacker that targeted our site two days ago has not yet let up. Our highest priority at this point is ensuring our defences remain strong and our site remains stable.

We are aware of the Library issue and are doing our best to get this resolved speedily. Please bear with us as we deal with this very unexpected and unfortunate series of events over the past couple of days!

@all - the Library should be working fine now! If you notice any issues, please let us know.