The lexiophiles vote has recently conducted an internet poll to identify the most popular language blogs on the web. I have cast my vote but I have my doubts as to the significance and fairness of this poll. Steve’s blog was nominated in the category language learning along with countless other blogs, most of which I am not familiar with. But judging by the scoreboard I find the results very suspect indeed. Benny’s blog, the Yearlyglot (Fluent every year) and Street-smart blogs received scores close or better than Steve’s blog, and based on the number of comments and posts on these blogs, I find these results hard to believe. I might also add that I was able to cast my vote three times without any sophisticated computer hacking involved, just using three different computers. So again, I doubt this poll has really produced meaningful and representative results,


I have no idea what the survey means. There are a number of serious language learning blogs that I would rate ahead of the ones that you mentioned. But different people like different things. Benny is popular, there is no question, whether you and I agree with his ideas or not.

I agree. This poll seems to be strange for me.
I think the point is that Benny appeals a lot on his blog to vote for him. I missed such a note on Steve’s blog. Last year as I remember Steve wrote about this poll in advance. So he got a better result.

I did mention the poll twice on my blog, Vera.

I think that Benny appeals to a younger group of language learners. He is young, an entertainer, and works harder on publicizing his activities. To the extent that he encourages people to learn languages, this is all to the good.

Sorry Steve, I didn’t saw it. But I voted for your blog when I saw the comment on Benny’s blog :slight_smile:

Thanks Vera.

Steve, you post so much on your blog that it is sometimes difficult to read all your posts :wink: Some posts are well hidden.