The Lesson link doesn't lead you to that lesson

When you click on the title of a lesson in the “Ask your tutor” forum, you expect to be able to read that lesson. On the contrary, in the page that opens up you see of the collection the lesson belongs to. This is not a problem when the collection has few lessons, but it is one in the case of the LingQ podcasts, for example.
Would it be possible to have the given lesson open instead of the general collection page? Right now, I wanted to read a lesson in order to answer an “Ask your tutor question”, but I don’t feel like browsing for it among the hundreds of lessons in the English LingQ collection.

Hi Michele,

I’ve noticed this myself, and can attest to how frustrating it can be with lessons that belong to extremely long collections. We’ll see if we can get this fixed up in the near future.

At the moment one way to shorten the agony is to put the title into the Search on the top right, once you’ve arrived at the collection page. But a solution would be great.

Hi Alex,
it would be great if this could be fixed.

Actually, the basics behind this issue is that the URL ends in “/open/” when it should end in “/buy/”. Until we get it fixed, you change this section of the URL which will take you to the lesson.

Good to know, Alex.

This has been fixed as of this morning, so no more pesky editing of the URL is required :slight_smile:

Great news!