The Lernen to Talk Show

I thought some here would be interested in this:

It’s a series of videos recorded weekly by a guy who went to Germany starting out with a rudimentary command of the language, and ends up making some great progress over the year. I usually have little interest in how others learn languages but this guy (Mickey Mangan) shows his German as it is, mistakes and all, and all of the videos are completely unscripted so we really get a good insight into how a motivated student progresses over this length of time. I ended up watching every episode over the space of a day.

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I just watched the first 3 videos and they are so funny! I’m learning German too and I can see I’m going to be totally hooked on this series! Thanks so much for sharing!! :slight_smile:

thanks for posting this

I find this Videocourse quite interesting.
Maybe only one critical remark: I hear very clearly English and not so clearly German.
But perhaps it is only in the first episode.

I had a look and listen at this video series on his blog. It’s very fascinating to follow the progress of this English speaker practising his German in real life situations. I find it an excellent idea to share this in the internet.