The Language Hour with Chris and Chris

This guys started a great project!

maybe Steve or an other famous LingQer will be a future guest? !!


Very interesting and a very good idea.

They share their experience and both guys are likeable.

I do hope too that other polyglots will be their guests in the future.

Interview :Steve and Chris

AFP 05 – Steve Kaufmann: Canadian superpolyglot and entrepreneur


Don’t forget the other polyglots :slight_smile:

AFP 01 – David Mansaray: Language Learning and Personal Growth

AFP 02 – Ellen Jovin: Language Learning for Pure Enjoyment

AFP 03 – Judith Meyer: An Incredible Language Learning Journey

AFP 04 – Seán Young: How to Teach Languages the Best Way

AFP 06 – Chris Broholm: The trifecta of language learning

Every interview is so interesting and Chris solo show is fine too.