The Language Challenge - Facing Up to Reality

(en français) Claude Piron, psychologue, ancien traducteur, nous sensibilise à la grande richesse pour l’humanité: LES LANGUES
1 — Se comprendre…
On parle trop peu du défi que les langues représentent pour la société (en 10 parts)

(in English) A former UN and WHO translator, who is also a psychologist – Claude Piron taught for 20 years at the Psychology Department of the University of Geneva - shares his experience of international communication and discusses the international language Esperanto. Subtitles available for other languages:

The esperanto video is really interesting! Due to my ignorance or lack of information I’ve always considered esperanto as an artificial and unsuccesful effort to create a common language for international communication, I didn’t know that it was so spoken and that was so flexible and easy to learn and speak. This video aroused my interest for esperanto. Maybe one day could be offered here in LingQ!

I really enjoyed that video! I am really considering learning Esperanto now. I hope sometime I gets added to LingQ.

Yes!!! Esperanto is great and very easy to learn. There are many websites to learn it. I can’t wait for lingq to have Esperanto :wink: