The keyboard shortcut 'k' for lingqs

The keyboard shortcut ‘k’ to mark a word as ‘known’ works only for blue (unknown) words. I would find it logical and highly convenient if it worked also for already created lingqs with the same effect as clicking the check mark on the “1 2 3 4 ✓ x” scale in the upper right corner. When I press ‘k’ on a lingq, it simply jumps to the next lingq and does nothing.

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This was brought up by me and others immediately after the shortcuts were implemented. Seems simple enough, but what do I know. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like they have any plans to make such improvements any time soon.

Their priorities appear to be (1) having a site that works at least okay and (2) attracting new users. Coming out with updates is supposed to attract more users, but it creates new bugs, which need to be fixed to have a site that works and then what about attracting more users, and around and around we go. I’m afraid that the shortcut improvement will never happen as long as they continue to see it as something that won’t attract new users.

They should definitely see it as something that can keep users interested in the website. If there were no shortcuts at all, I probably wouldn’t be using the website by now, being a very keyboard-heavy user. Every little improvement in the convenience of using the website can lead to a non-trivial difference in the number of users who decide to upgrade and to stay upgraded.

I agree. I’d dig up the old threads about such shortcuts, but the search function on this site is very bad.

@JakubMarian - That is an interesting suggestion and one that has been made before. It is in our list and we plan on looking at it when we can.

@kcb - In fact, we spend a lot of time and resources improving the site in many ways. Yes, we also spend time trying to figure out how to attract new users. The fact is we get many requests all the time to do things for particular users. We have to decide whether these things are, in fact, something that many users will want, and then, if we decide to do them, where they fit in our priority list.

Feels like deja vu… Keyboard Shortcuts For The 'Ratings' Of The Words - Langu...

That was 2012! Good grief!