The Importance Of Repetition In Language Learning - Steve Kaufmann

I’m a strong supporter of Krashen’s language acquisition hypothesis and the importance of compelling input. But there is a role for repetitive listening to a limited range of content for reasons I discuss in this video.


Which is why we should be able to sort and filter lessons based on how many times we have read (or heard) those lessons. Could this be added? Even showing it on the filter screen would allow some manual choice.


I would love to be able to sort lessons by times listened. In fact I already requested this feature in late December…
On topic: I religiously repeat lessons! I find it to be the most effective way to learn words, especially since I don’t use spaced repetition. 100% agree with Steve.


I now paste the URLs into a spreasheet and get it ti track how many times I’ve listened to it (roughly). A daft thing to do when LIngQ could tell me how many times I have read multiple lessons and have goals around repetition of lessons.

How many times do people repeat lessons?
How does your understanding change after each chunk of repetitions?

That’s a good idea.

Thank you!