The ignored words

I ignored hundreds of words, thought it means known words, but I discovered later that it just not known words, How can I make them known now?

You may click on each word (select a word) and then click the “I know this word” button. I hope it helps.

If you’re not familiar with the keyboard shortcuts in the desktop interface you should learn them – you might find it faster to press “k” (for “known”) if your hands are already on the keyboard. This could help if you have hundreds to correct.

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is there any place where I can find all words I marked as ignored? I’d like to remove some words that I put there by mistake (in application Ignore button is too close to Known button).
It is my first comment on the forum, I’ll use this opportunity to say, that I’m really happy to be here. I really should have started Lingquing much earlier!

There is no available list of Ignored words. However if you ever encounter a white/ignored word which you would like to make LingQ (yellow) instead, just click on it and take an action.