The Hare vs. the Tortoise Comparison

I see myself as the tortoise and unashamed of it. I like to take it slow and build up my vocabulary and comprehension to produce the result of speaking and writing.

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The only story I agree with point blank. For me, it should not be either this or that. I try to copy personality traits from both. I am delaying my speaking and writing(tortoise approach, patience)but I am sprinting like the hare (spending hours and hours bombarding my brain with German on a regular basis, not slouching off). The end result, 13 months ago, I only knew two phrases in the German language. A couple of days ago my family doctor(native German) had to look up the word “notwendig” on his computer to understand its meaning. And, my subconscious mind picked it up naturally through contextual clues, through the immersion approach and therefore our brains are a learning machine just give it a lot of exposure. And, witness its efficiency at work. Unsere Gott ist nicht dumm! He is a super duper scientist!

Oh! That is interesting! Yeah, my father tried to make me the “hare” in learning Korean. Luckily for me, he failed every single time. Honestly, it would not work for me. I am glad that your family doctor is still learning too. I hope the doctor has treated your family well.