The future of LingQ

I absolutely love LingQ. Its the hands down best system for language learning. One could describe LingQ as the “swiss army knife” for language learning. This platform’s abundance of features is what makes it special. Now, I’m ready for even more features to be added. I enjoy watching YouTube videos to learn languages, and I make use of this platform’s import function. What if, instead of always importing into LingQ, we could watch the video with some sort of “LingQ overlay” where captions would be displayed in the target language and your native language (if captions supported it). I actually already have a chrome extension that allows me to display captions for two different languages simultaneously. If we could just add a function where we could click on a word and save it as a LingQ while watching the video, instead of doing it afterwards! I know another app is already working on this functionality, and I was wondering if LingQ could do the same.


I think that would be neat, or really maybe just a seamless sync functionality with LLN to sync the lingqs between the two products (LLN is a chrome extension similar to what you are describing for netflix and now youtube).

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Interesting idea, but that may be difficult to program. At the very least, it would be a whole new capability that would have to be built and tested, and the LingQ team seems to have a limited number of programmers. Personally, I would prefer they spend their time getting new languages up and adding helpful, but easy to implement features like percentage of LingQ’ed words in a lesson to go along with the existing percentage of new wordds.

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I also would like to add some resources I’d like to see in early future on LingQ. Some features like 1.25x speed and pictures/images of some words would be awesome. Can you imagine if you don’t know the word, let’s say, dog or cat, and when you highlight this word on Lingq, a image of that word shows up. Visual people would love that resource.


Apparently there’s a new version coming with an overhauled library system, but I don’t know what else they’ve got planned.

BTW, if you download “SMPlayer” you can load two sets of subtitles at the same time and watch any video on your hard drive, including youtube. It will also remember your settings for every video, even if you rename it or move it to a different folder! Not even VLC can do that.