The future content "My husband's boss has come"

I think that can be in all languages that they have special single words and they need a whole sentence in another language for explanation what it is exactly :slight_smile:

“The Boss Is Coming To Dinner”
“Der Chef kommt zum Abendessen”

This story is now available in German.
Diese Geschichte gibt es jetzt auch in Deutsch.

Danke Emma!

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Danke Irene!!!
I thought I post a comment before, but I guess I did not click on “Post reply.”
I don’t know why but I like the sound of “bewusstlos”!!
I stopped learning German since it was too hard, but I think I am going to study this one. This is me! There is a lot of useful words, such as “Katzenjammer,” to explain about me! Danke schön!!!

I am happy to hear that you enjoy the translation :slight_smile:

I could see you (only in my brain) how you was working on this day.