The French

Bonjour, juste un mot pour vous dire que nous avons commencé il y a quelques années et que nous continuons de mettre en ligne des nouvelles conversations toutes les semaines.

C’est super pour apprendre l’argot français et le français familier



Votre site pourra bien intéresser nos membres. Cependant, si vous voulez en faire de la publicité ici, je vous propose de mettre des leçons, des examples pour ainsi dire, dans notre bibliothèque française si vous ne l’avez pas encore fait. Cela donnera quelque chose a notre communauté à LingQ et pourra attirer de nouveaux adhérents chez vous.


There is already so much available for free of the type that you’re advertising here. Why should we pay for it ? What makes your podcast different from the ones already here on LingQ for example ? Or the ‘Balades’ podcast ? Or the hundreds of episodes’ worth of ‘L’avis de Marie’ podcasts ?

To me, a podcast teaching us numbers isn’t interesting. Sorry.

Our niche market is natural (slang and informal) French

Natural French is all over the internet. FranceBienvenue has like 250 videos and articles with explanations of people speaking in natural conversations about a wide array of topics.

For just 12€ per year, you can get full bilingual transcripts with cultural explanations. Plus, access to our member’s area with grammar drills, pronunciation and how to explanations.

And you can follow us on our facebook page absolutely FREE. We have quiz questions, translation sentences and the latest French music. Redirecting...

If you are not willing to put some content in our library, audio and text, I would ask you to discontinue advertising your website here. Let me know asap.

Better upload some lessons bro, or Steve’ll have your balls! :slight_smile:

No, just cancel account and delete the thread.

But for just $0 per year i can get stuff on the internet. I can even get the LingQ library for $0. With audio and transcript.

Hi Steve, I’ve uploaded some sample lessons Thanks. I love lingq.

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