The forum

Come on dear admins, when the forum itself becomes such a topic in a language community the only thing it suggests is that something is terribly wrong. There are dozens of good forum/bbs systems on the internet that already do an excellent job. Wouldn’t it be better if you integrate one of them instead of creating your own and constantly having these issues? :slight_smile:


Hi! Because our forum is tied closely with the site, a standard bbs system isn’t actually an option. We did push an update yesterday which seems to have caused some issues for some users. I think it may have been a Chrome-specific issue, but we’re investigating this in the meantime. If you have any specific suggestions or feedback on the forum we’re more than open to hearing it!

No problems with Chrome here. I noticed I had to refresh the page a couple of times yesterday, because the forum wasn’t working perfectly, but for the rest everything is good here

Hmm…I just cleared my cache and things may be working now. I’m trying this post to see. This is in Chrome. (Edit)

It is still an ‘issue’ if you use the iPad default browser, Safari. I cannot read the comments to the first post of the thread or reply to the first post, to say nothing of any other comments, which you cannot read.

Yup. I cleared my cache and rebooted and everything is fine. The problem does not appear to be with the forum but with the timing of various updates from various platforms all occurring at the same time. I’m not using Chrome, I’m using Mozilla Firefox.

Comments like “It is probably because of some updates ‘they’ did yesterday” aren’t too terribly helpful. Who the freak is “they”?!?

I guess you could probably delete this thread now if you want.