The first of many? New Beginners lesson

Meet Abby and Lynne, two friends with a slightly odd view of life. I hope you enjoy their company. Do let me know if you want me to write about a specific topic. Thank you!

This is too good! Makes me wish I were learning English!

(BTW, I’m wondering if you meant to put the words “shut up” on a different line…)

Thank you! So you think I should make Abby and Lynne be rude to people on the train??? Hmmm, I may use your suggestion for another lesson :slight_smile:

Ah, you have such a nice voice, and it’s such a fun lesson!
I agree with Jingle, the “shut up” belongs on the next line down with “please be quiet”, because it sounds like the same person said both.

Thank you!

I have put the “Shut up” onto a different line - and have corrected something else (people on the ‘bus’ should have been people on the ‘train’) It is so difficult to notice one’s own mistakes.

I have now added a second lesson. All this excitement is getting too much for me, I need to lie down or at least have a cup of tea…

What I like about these lessons (from the teaching/learning standpoint) is that you are taking simple phrases and using them over and over in an interesting way.

Thank you! I have added two more lessons and hope to find enough time to carry on writing two a day for a week or so.

Abby and Lynne have made it to lesson no. 9. (and, thanks to @jolanda who spotted the discrepancy, the text and audio of no. 4 now match).

How many more of these lessons can the English learning world take?