The Experience ^_^

Hi guy’s, How’s it going? I hope you’re well.

Today I’ll talk about the experience. Many people think about how they can become experts in the things they like it. For example to speak English fluently and writing or in information system or …etc. The best solution is read and practice many many many times. The water drops will break the stone when the water drop fall on the stone every time. You should be like the water drop. Practice as much as you can and you will become an expert.

That’s it :slight_smile: and now go ahead.

Your hope is correct.

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thank you.

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Yeah, Totally. You know sometime I feel I don’t want to travel to any country to study English language because it’s too much and some of them learn the student with the old method. I really really like the AJ.Hog method and steve to learn the language without study grammar roles. The first time I said they gotta be kidding. But know I believe them and since that time until now I listen the podcast. This is what I want. Also I’m hear to speak or I can say I’m write with the same when I speak with the people. This is very very important to me than someone correct my mistakes. Maybe, now I speak a little but I’II do it to speak like a native speaker.

All the best.

that’s right! when I chose English Education to continue my study, at first I felt afraid because I always got bad score in English. But I believe that someday I can learn English well because this is the only subject that I have interest. thanks.

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Hello fiskavia,

How is it going? I hope you are very well.

Sound great and Good Luke for your educational development.