The Egyptian accent


I will talk about a problem facing who try to learn Arabic language.

I have talked to a lot of people who wish to study Arabic, and I found most of them say: Arabic is a difficult language to learn.

In fact, Arabic like any other language, but the problem lies in the lack of communication between the teacher and the student; in addition to the correct way to get started.

Most of learners don’t want to throw into grammar sea, because grammar is always boring in any language. Most of them told me: We want to talk as you talk in public life.

I have started teaching some of them the Egyptian accent, and during that I taught them the basics of Classical Arabic. After a short period the result was great.

For this reason, I created a blog to teach Arabic in the Egyptian dialect. Here is the link:

In fact, I don’t know if this blog is good or not. The judge will be the learner not me.

I think it is really good! Love the fact that you include sound clips of the pronunciation.

I have only just started to explore and I have already learned a lot. For example, I never knew that car was " 'arabia " “عربية” in the Egyptian variety.

There are differences between Arabic dialects. For example, Gulf countries say “Syara” (“Syara” is a classical word), but in Egypt we say “Arabia”. As I said in my blog: Egyptian dialect is famous and all Arab world can understand it.
I hope this blog helps you in Arabic.

I hear the Egyptian accent is made fun of in Arabia. I wonder why that is. Just prejudice?

Hi Osama,

Welcome to LingQ! I see you are new to the site.

As you may know, Arabic is for the moment, only a beta language and the library is almost empty. There are only small lessons. As long as the library is empty, it is difficult to study Arabic with the LingQ method.

Maybe you have seen some of the videos from Steve Kaufman, the founder of LingQ.

He says that reading and listening are very important.

Osama, if you put a lot of text and audio in the LingQ library, that would be great.

I had a look at your blog. It is very useful. It gives a good overview for the beginner.

I think your blog and different texts in the LingQ library would be a super combination.

For example, I think it would be good to start with short texts with beginner vocabulary and then move on to some everyday texts.

I hope that soon we could find many different lessons on LingQ.

If you need some ideas of what the lessons might contain, have a look at some of the other languages.

Soon you will love the learning system from LingQ.


Good blog - I think it should be easy to follow for total beginners. I learned Syrian/ Jordanian dialect so it is interesting to hear the pronunciation differences.

By the way, lookinng at the content on Memrise, I think the lessons 'Who Is She ’ are too difficult for 'beginner 1 level , though would be good for a more advanced beginner.

As Jolanda says, it would be great if you put some audio here with accompanying text. Maybe something VERY slow and simple to encourage total beginners.

My greetings to all of you, and particularly for “Jolanda”.

First, I want to explain that Egyptian accent is famous in Arab world. It is the only Arabic dialect that can anyone understand it with ease in Arab world.

Second, All Arabic lessons are in classical Arabic, so I can’t put any Arabic lessons here in Egyptian accent, because this will confuse the learners of Arabic language.

The last thing, I would to say to “tonyyyyy”: If the learner starts from the first lesson on my blog, he or she will not find any difficult when arrives to the lesson that contains “Who is she”.