The educational system in England and in the USA

Last month I took two interesting Interviews with Richard from England and David from the USA about the educational system in these countries.
If you would like to know about the educational systems in these countries and to campare them with the educational system in your own country, you can listen to these two interviews.
Uou can also write here about the educational systems in your own countries.

Here is the link to my Interview about the educational system in England:

And here is the link about the education in the USA:

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And here you can find the link to the Russian inteview with Richard about the education in England
It can be interesting for the students who study here Russian because this is the lesson from my collection “РАЗБОР ОШИБОК” where I after every podcast analyse the main mistakes of my students, so you can be taught by reading my comments:

Well, as far as language learning goes, we are just plain lousy at teaching kids in the U.S.

I took 5 years of french in school and I couldn’t order breakfast in french right now if my life depended on it. Same goes for my friends who took german and spanish in high school. I think we english speakers (UK, Australia, the U.S.) are spoiled. We and simply don’t hold the skill of a 2nd language in the same regard as many of our friends in Europe do. It is sort of unfair that everyone else has to do all the work.

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As someone who’s been through every kind of education establishment available in the UK I can tell you we’re lousy here too.

Language is especially shocking and pointless.

My nephew was studying French the last time i saw him in September. I asked him last week how it was going and the reply was ‘oh we don’t do French any more we do games instead now.’

If kids are getting 1 semester of language and then it’s pulled what is the point? Are they expecting 9 year olds to actively seek to carry on learning it themselves outside of class when parents have little to no interest and the Xbox and iGadgets are always at their beck and call?

The language study is perhaps the worst thing in the education in many countries.
Without your additional independent learning it’s just impossible to know a foreign language.

Yes, it is actually completely pointless what they do in the lessons at school. Waste of time and money.