The Dress

Ok Lingq.

What colour (color) is the dress?

I’m seeing blue and brown (with bits of gold)…


Hi ! =)))

Ah, at long last I happened to watch that notirious dress picture! :wink: The reason behind these debates, as to its colour, is very simple: very poor colour rendition, to the point where there is NO sense to even judge about its colour.

In a word, the light is not colour temperature adjusted, hence, rather substantial colour rendition correction is required; this one is apparently illuminated with the fluorescent lamp, thus the colour temperature is very much biased towards greenish-yellowish segment of the light spectrum.

Simply speaking, the colour sensitivity of the human eye is in NO comparison to that of any photosensitive material, various light sensors included, however sophisticated they may be.

In other words, the question asked does NOT have ANY correct answer AT ALL ! As you first have to make sure the colour temperature is correct! :wink:

admit it pauler…you’re a gold and white guy?

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Ha! =))) The reason this answer just does NOT have an unbiased answer is just the one I talked about, it’s impossible to even think of any colour until after the foto’s been colour temperature corrected! :wink:

For me, having an idea of how music works, it’s the same as taking a piece of music record and run it thru any of a spectrum shifter, or, which is nearly the same, transposition device! =))) And then trying to judge as to the overall impression this music creates! :wink:

The same for me. I can’t imagine how these colors may be recognized as white instead of blue or black instead of brown. Well, maybe they have another color/contrast settings on their monitors?

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It’s nothing to do with monitor or screen. Check this vid of city players looking at the same thing:

Hi! =))

Well, this probably MIGHT be the case, but for me, or maybe this is just the way my eyes and colour rendition mechanism is devised in me, I can IMMEDIATELY see the AWFULL colour correction error, and can even figure out, by the colour tint of the dress it is biased to, that it’s a typical fluorescent lamp colour rendition distortion, i.e. the notorious muddy greenish-yellowish colouring bias ! :wink:

Without glasses I am seeing white and gold, shading towards olive in the shawl on the left.

With glasses there is a fluctuating undertone of pink in the white of the cape/bolero.

I’ve saved the picture and applied an Auto Levels adjustment - here it is - dark blue and … dark brown, almost black :slight_smile:

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Ah, just as I thought, to crown it all, the foto is much too overexposed, to distort the colour rendition even more! :wink:


The order in which written languages acquire terms for colours is not random. First it is black and white. Then red. After red is yellow and then green. And blue only at the very end. There is no blue in the Illiad.

The Himba have no word for blue. When they show Himba 10 pictures of green and 1 picture of blue. They can’t see the odd colour.

Why the sky isn’t blue. Why Isn't the Sky Blue?