The Dreaded Question

It has to be asked, after the update and all… but, when is LingQ going to add some more languages? I hate being a nuisance, so I was waiting to see if anyone would ask :0

Mark will have to answer, Will.

However, we have to focus on major fixes first, leaving minor improvements and nice additions for later. I think the Asian languages problem is a bigger concern right now than the lack of Dutch or Norwegian, but it will come.

I leave for Mark to answer.

We have no dates set for other languages. You’ll just have to enjoy the ones we have for now. :slight_smile: We’re a little focused on other stuff right now. Perhaps in a few months.

Hey the just added British,Canadian,American, and Australian English. That’s four new languages right there!


…although at least for the languages that have Roman lettering I don’t really understand why they couldn’t just add an empty shell in the choose language area and just not give direct support… after all we don’t really need caricatures of Steve dressed like this:

and this:

But what on earth would we do without the Steve caricatures?! They’re the main reason I joined LingQ, anyway! …

It is not that it is a lot of work to set up the other languages, it is just that there are so many things to do. Besides, there is always more work than you think when you introduce a change.

As for my caricature, we may have a contest for each new language, and we will have a neutral look as a default, maybe me in diapers.