The dreaded "Gray Words Bug" is back

You guys fixed it before, and it went away for while, but the Gray Words Bug has snuck back into LingQ again.

See my initial post on it here: "Gray Words" Bug - Language Forum @ LingQ

The symptoms are exactly the same this time.

Hi t_harangi,
Can you please send us the screenshot of the issue you are experiencing on support(at) Thanks!

it’s back on mandarin too, although it doesn’t seem to be as bad as before

Apparently this may be a matter of corrupted lessons? I re-imported some of the effected texts and the new imports seem to be working, but the original imports still display with the bug behavior. Exp: in the new import, a word may be highlighted blue and can be lingq-ed, while in the old import, the same word is gray.

While re-import could be a quick fix, I do hope this can be fixed at the root. I have a lot of lessons imported to be read, and I don’t know which ones will be buggy.

Today seems better, went though a couple of lessons without problems. But the ones that had the bug still have it.

BTW, same lessons are effected on the iOS and the desktop.