The drawing room

Do you have a drawing room in your house?
Do you happen to know why it is called as such?

Hi Yutaka

This room is not usually included in modern house design in the UK.

I think the origin is along these lines: Withdraw (move) to a more private room…withdrawing room…drawing room

@Curlew is right. Only older or larger houses tend to have a ‘drawing’ room these days. Ladies don’t retire all that often after a meal nowadays, and if we do we tend to hang out in the living room or in the kitchen to get away from the men :slight_smile:

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Being still basically a child, I’ve never known what a drawing room is. I always assumed that it was like where people went to do arts and crafts or something.

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A drawing room is the formal sitting room in a large (posh) house. In Britain “posh” people until recently only had drawing rooms to sit in! This is where they would have tea - which would never be called afternoon tea. How silly is/was class ridden Britain.

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