The dictionary "window" is now tiny

When I open a dictionary for a word that doesn’t open in a new window (i.e. when it opens in an iframe in a little box directly in the page), the box is sort of “minimized”. I see only a tiny bar with no visible content whatsoever, and I have to manually resize it in order to see the translation.

I hope this is a bug and not a new “feature”.

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@JakubMarian - we are sorry about that! we are looking into it. Meantime, would you try to adjust that window with your mouse dragging the corners of the window? It should be looking fine after that :slight_smile: Sorry for the inconvenience.

@JakubMarian - the issue with the dictionary window should be fixed. Please try to refresh the Lesson page and then open the dictionary. If you still have any trouble with this, please let us know!