The 'delete' button

How does the ‘delete’ button work? If I click the button under the other member’s comment, what will happen? Does it affect only my view of the thread?

I don’t see any delete button under your post, I guess it is only under our own posts.

@ Yutaka

It appears you are a moderator, so clicking the ‘delete’ button under somebodies post will delete the post. I just tried it on your “I am beginning to understand how it works” post. The post is now gone.

Yes, it’s gone.

Aha! You are now a moderator too! Can you please delete one of my posts in the support forum? the one with a mistake “Wrong data for Know words?”

You should be able to delete your own posts.

I can delete normal posts, but it seems I can’t delete the first post in a thread created by me.

To clarify, you can delete your own posts, but cannot delete the first post. Without a first post, a thread has no content, so the original post must stay. You should, however, be able to delete a thread that you create and can then post another thread. At some point I’m sure we’ll add the ability to edit forum topics. The ball is already rolling on the forum, so we’re not about to stop here :slight_smile:

I’m not sure I understand. You mean I can delete a thread created by me only if it has no posts at all?

I have just created a test thread, with just the name of the thread and it seems the system includes the name of the thread in the message text field, and there’s no delete button.

Ah, seems to be a bug there. You should be allowed to delete your own topics. I’ll add this to the list!

Wow, I’ve found a bug! :slight_smile: