The days when the miraculous happens

Today is such a day.

For a while now my reading ability has been incrementally improving, but today has been an experience which has really underscored the progress I have made during my time using LingQ.

I am rereading the transcript for a conversation which I have read twice before and listened to countless times. So I am already very familiar with it.

However today I realized that I was reading it in a fairly free-flowing manner. I didn’t have much internal translation going on and the cognitive strain on actually reading the words was low so I could focus on absorbing the meaning of the phrases and sentences.

It is the closest I have had to a regular reading experience not marred by the cognitive load induced by sounding out syllables in words and having to look up grammar and other bits. It was, I dare say, almost free-flowing!

As an added bonus the text is upper-beginner, possibly intermediate so I do recall the first time I worked through this a few months ago. It was tough and slow to work through.

Its a good experience! And I will say that if it weren’t for LingQ, I would not have read nearly as much as I have and what was achieved today would still be a future goal.

One day I shall live the dream of speaking too :slight_smile:


Yes, it’s an awesome feeling. Congratulations.