The country's official language

Spanish is the country’s official language.

If I want to use the country’s name in it, should I use the adjective of the country or use the name of the country and an apostrophe. For example:
English is the Singapore’s official language.
English is the Singaporean official language.

Which is the correct or common way to say it?

Thank you!!!

Why not
English is Singapore’s official language
English is the official language of Singapore


Please note that with very few exceptions the names of countries do not use the definite article (“the”). A country’s name is rather like a person’s name in English.


Yes, those are both better ways to say it.

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Thanks for the reminder. I made the mistake again!

And even those exceptions are getting rarer. You might see ‘the Ukraine’, ‘the Sudan’, ‘the Yemen’ (or indeed ‘the Punjab’, though that’s a cultural region split over two countries) in old texts, but it’s not common these days.

You will still see ‘The Czech Republic’, but that will only last until people get with the program and start referring to ‘Czechia’ :slight_smile:

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