The Contiunous Playback

Could anyone help me?
I’d like to know how to perform the continuous playback of a course in the library.

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Could you explain a little more what you mean?

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My guess is that, when the audio finishes it automatically repeats. Which in my opinion might be useful.

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I assume you are talking about a loop feature. We are not planning to implement it immediately, however, we will keep this in mind. It would be a good feature, we agree. Thanks for your suggestion!

Hello, Seisyonagon. If you want to loop a LingQ audio, you will have to download it and use a third-party applicaton to play and loop it. Members here often recommend Audacity for this purpose. Audacity is a free application. I believe it has versions for Windows, Macs and Linux. For just listening and looping and slowing down audio, I think Audacity is overkill, so I use VLC Media Player, which is also free and also has versions for Windows, Linux and Macs.
When I really want to listen and learn, I use Anytune on my iPod. It is (relatively) simple to use, and it is free (I think; I have had my version so long that I can not remember if I paid for it), though there is a Pro version, which is not free. I don’t know whether Anytune is available for handhelds with other operating systems.
Another iPod app that is even simpler than Anytune is iLiftLoop. It can loop and slow down dialogue.

I don’t understand why LingQ does NOT implement features (like tagging of texts or words, or audio features like continuous playback or double clicking on a word to jump to this audio position) that are available in competing software products

@nd71 My guess is that Lingq doesn’t have enough funding yet to implement these features, and also the lingq team was occupied with the hacking attacks about one or two months ago. So they wanted to increase defenses, instead of adding new toys and gadgets for the members. They’ll get to it in the future, like Galina said.


I’m sorry for this late reply. I was surprised and glad to get all sorts of comments.
My question was not clear as Steve pointed out, so I’ll explain it in concrete terms this time.

I’ve been listening to "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” in the library these days. I want to listen to the whole story( from chapter(or lesson)1 to 30) without stopping, however, I can’t do it.
(When the chapter1 was over, I have to open the chapter2 and so on.)

Now I understand that the function is not available so far and I should use a third-party application to play and loop it as donhamiltontx suggested. I’m trying it.

Thank you all for helping me.

If you have an iOS device, download the iOS app and put all the lessons in a playlist. You can then listen to it all in one go.

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