The coin issue

As I can’t find the thread, where I reported the coin issue, I had to create a new one.

One of the Admins’ proposed to make a screenshot. Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to make a “moving” screenshot. Besides, I don’t see any reason to make one, as nothing else happens when I create new Lingqs (apart from having a new word highlighted in yellow and the word “saving” which appears for several seconds). The only way I detected in order to get a new coin is to ignore one of the blue-highlighted words, moving it again to the unknown status and to create this Lingq afterwards. But this way is definitely to time-consuming, if you’d like learn a language (or several languages) effectively.

I would be glad, if you could find the time (after all those much more important server problems) to have a look at it.

@il_melomane70 - we are sorry you are still running into this issue. We are not sure what causes this problem as we don’t have any other reports about this. That’s way seeing how you use the site would be very helpful. Would you make a screencast to show us how you create LingQs (and what happens with a progress bar at the same time). For making a screencast you can use Jing:

It is easy to use. This would help us reproduce the issue and understand what causes it. Thanks!

@il_melomane70- I was told that you get one coin for every 10 lingQ’s created.

Since I made some updates of several plug-ins and microsoft net framework - though I don’t really know if this was the reason - it seems to work now. But it’ s a pity, that it doesn’t work when you import words manually. With the old point-system you received points for imported words, too.
As I favour reading books to reading texts in front of my tiny monitor, I surely won’t gather many coins (by far not enough to buy new items for the Avatar or even less for the buildings) in the future.

@il_melomane70 - Hmm, it should be awarding coins for imported LingQs as well. I’ll add this to our list!