The CLIPS tab in the lesson edit page

I just accidentally discovered the “Clips” tab and I have to say, it’s amazing! The “Generate audio timestamps” works a real treat. I used it on the first third of the Spanish Harry Potter chapter 1 and it seems to have found every sentence! I’m sure there are little glitches here or there, but this is amazing!

One question, I’m guessing that the boxes underneath the text on the “Clips” tab are where one enters their own translation or the original language that the target text came from. Sometimes the program already has text entered into the box and I wonder why that is. Just curious.

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Sometimes the generating doesn’t quite hit right, but it’s pretty darn good. You can “tweak” things I little by adjusting the timestamps in the edit mode of the lesson. Or if the text is imported and it marks the end of sentences incorrectly you may get where the clip covers just part of a sentence or more than one sentence. You can often fix that my going into edi lesson and doing the “resplit text”. Or doing that and going into the mode that shows the end of sentences and adjusting those. Then go back and generate audio timestamps.

I suspect you are correct about the translations. I’ve not tried it, but thought about using it at times, assuming that’s what it was for.

Yeah, the translation boxes are only useful for content that is going to be shared (like the mini-stories) that you want to have either accurate translations or the original content that the target language was translated from. It just too much work for a single person’s studies. Google translate is adequate enough to get the gist for most content.

The same for manually setting the time stamps between sentences. WAY too much work. But this ”generate” button is GREAT!!! Real audio is much better than the text-to-speech.

Agreed…I only do the “manual” thing for adjusting the sound. Sometimes, particularly on YouTube imports I’ve found it might cut off a word, or include too much so I might tweak it here and there if it’s a short-ish lesson

In regard to the boxes on the clips tab, I have found that every time you click the translate button in sentence mode, it will automatically store the google translation in the relevant ‘clips’ text box. You can edit it, but you cannot leave it blank, otherwise it re-populates the original text. If you just put in a space, then the ‘translate button’ will use the space as the actual translation.
If ever you ‘re-split’ lesson, which generates all the sentences and timestamps again, and if you have also just edited the lesson text to create/add separate sentence, then the translation in a box may become out of step with the actual sentence it relates to - this has happened to me a lot so I never use sentence mode translate button until I’ve fully prepared the lesson (and/or planning to share).
This is why sometimes you may see the phenomenon where all the google translations are one step out of synch. It can easily be solved by manually editing all the boxes which are out of synch.
Apologies if you were already aware of this, but hope this helps,
Br, Frank

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Great! That explains how the text seems to be randomly entered. I didn’t know it became populated after clicking the translate button. I have run into the out-of-sync translations situation and discovered that you couldn’t make it blank. I ended up making a new lesson and like you, I don’t mess around with the Clips tab until I have the sentences just the way I want them.

Thanks for the info!

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