The British English podcasts are on there way

I have recorded a British English podcast with Helen and it should be on LingQ in a few days time, I hope this will make British English a little more popular, the first one is about the British school system and further education.

It would be great to listen to those podcasts. Thank you.

Thanks a lot, Harry! I am looking forward to listening to them and to having more British content in the library.

on their way, maybe?

I’m sure the podcasts will have impeccable spelling. It happens easily, even to Brits, to make a mistake while dashing out a post. (I am always mortified about any mistakes, although I no I neetn’t bee).

It happens a lot, especially when I am in a rush :@

Always good to see more British English content in the library. I am currently making content on regions of Britain - just finished the first one on the county of Yorkshire in northern England yesterday.

Excellent. You folks will cure me of this Yankee accent yet. :smiley:

Haha we’ll have you all speaking the Queen’s English before you know it :wink:

Hey All, just adding my voice here, as it were.

I’m also British, and if you have an overload of work or want a different voice, I would be happy to help read anything in English as it’s meant to be pronounced.

Thanks, you can email me at