The best way?

it is really magic learner when someone can speak 3, 4 or more languages. do you think the best way to learn a language is to go to the country where people use that language?

I plan to go to singapore this summer to improve my english i hope i can practise a lot on staying there. however, there are a lot of things to face with such as procedures, finance, accomodation, food…and security. what you say is also a problem it is really not easy to talk with a stranger

I think the benefits of going to the country depends a lot on your level in the language. If you’re really advanced, you can use the time just to improve/perfect things, while a complete beginner must learn everything from scratch - something that he/she could have done at home.


I think it is the best way, if you can, if you have money for it!
I have a friend that learn new language in 6 months because you travel to the country - you will think english every day!