The Best Chinese Lessons

If you are looking for some good Chinese lessons, and you are in Beginner 2 or Intermediate 1, then I recommend the Rutgers 中文,and the 中文天天读 lessons.

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No traditional Chinese in LingQ, only those ugly simplified ones like 乡 乙 爱 etc. - for me and many others a relict of Maoism. Five years ago one was able to study traditional Chinese @ LingQ, but that has been exterminated.
But Taiwan still exists :wink:

My taiwanese friend tells me that hes pretty much100% sure that Taiwan will be under China in a few years. How do you think that will affect the traditional chinese usage in taiwan?

If you want to know what will happen to Taiwan just look to Hong Kong. It will be a very slow process slowly inching towards reunification, so I will probably disagree with your friend. However, there is some concern recently in Taiwan because they can see the protests happening in Hong Kong, a controversial open trade agreement with China, and China’s military actions in the China Sea which is effecting all surrounding countries.

Some good lessons for you guys would be news articles in Chinese about the situation currently in Taiwan and various Chinese dependencies. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, all politics aside, I am soo glad that they converted to Simplified characters. Writing Chinese is so much faster now, and I don’t have to do Ctrl + (+) and zoom 150% everytime I read a news article! ;-D

Thanks for this tip - it led me to:
Great resource, thank you!
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Wow, I admire you - I’ve only been studying Chinese for two weeks - and looking at the characters gives me the sinking feeling that it’s totally hopeless to ever learn them. So I’m just trying to listen and repeat with pinyin - but those characters - next to the pinyin seem like a world I’ll never be able to enter…

BTW, as I suspected, I just went and looked at the LingQ Chinese resources and the Rutgers link is listed there.

Glad to help

I’m pretty sure that the 自製補充教材 courses use Chinese traditional characters.