The avatar on the bottom not working

Mine seems stuck along with the token counter.

Hi @pmilone! Sorry to hear about that. That’s strange… Would you provide us with a bit more information about this issue? Doesn’t refreshing the page help? Look forward to hearing from you.

Refreshing the page does not help.

Let me know what actions add a coin and what actions increase the avatar percentage and I will test it.

My values have not changed in a week.

@pmilone - The coin counter increases for each 10 LingQs you save. You’ll see a progress bar to the next coin. The Avatar percentage is based on your percentage of Known Words to the next level - this will increase as you add words as Known.

@alex is this the way it has always been or has it been recently changed?

@pmilone - It’s been this way since our update in December. If it’s not working for you let me know :slight_smile: