The amount of read words and coins is weird

For some reason when I skim through the page, statistics say that I’ve “read” those lines, so by not doing anything it’s already 1,2k words read. 4.0v used to count words as read only when finishing the whole lesson, so it’d be 2k for any standard-sized lesson. Also the amount of coins is going crazy, it’s already 90, though, as I said, I just moved through the page a bit. Is there a way to change it, or is it a bug?


Yes this is a major problem. If I just open a listen to look at it or am editing a lesson or I close and reopen a lesson it will count that page as read words and depending on font size one is using this can be a lot of words really fast. They need to make the auto track reading optional similar to turning page to move known words to known. The coins is now similar to the challenge coins maybe? is grants more for reading and listening which is a good thing! but hopefully this change happens soon.


Yeah, I hope they fix it, it’s annoying that i have to manually set the “real” amount of words read. I’m pretty sure they’re having lots of feedback on other issues, but this one could really be the most inconvenient of all.