The Amber Shield in memory of Gintaras Akulevicius

Thank you! I feel very honoured to be among the recipients of this award. A badge like that is an obligation and an inspiration in equal parts. May we always be worthy of it as active learners and contributors.


The Amber Shield in memory of Gintaras Akulevicius is beautiful on so many levels. Thank you very much!


Thank you!

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Iā€™m also glad about the Amber Shield, and the idea behind. A really nice idea! Thank you.

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Is there anywhere a explanation about the amber shield?
I saw on some of my avatars this symbol. I do not understand what it means.

Regards jolanda

@Jolanda: It was mentioned in the August Newsletter and there is an blog article about it:

You know guys, I think Steve should also introduce a black shield for the bad boys in class! :smiley:


aaaaaaaaaaa good to know! Thanks!


Thank you, LingQ team!