The 90-Day Challenge "Winner"

Which 90-Day Challenge participant accumulated the most points during the challenge?
Did any participant besides Steve keep a blog or vlog?

The rankings-page has the following top-ten list. Perhaps LingQ will post something official about it?

1.CHR 14808
2.ElvenIvy 13312
3.snorrews 12837
4.eduardo12389 11643
5.hesterm3 10143
6.alexiach 9826
7.edwin 7925
8.skyblueteapot 7888
9.ArobinsonA 7729
10.sweetbluedove 7050

Have you selected all languages or just the one you´re studying?
When I select “all languages”, “from all countries”, “90 Day Challenge” it shows the following ranking:

1.solanderdogsolanderdog 27927
2.StainedKleaver484StainedKleaver484 26557
3.mgsolomanmgsoloman 22595
4.mjgmjg 20946
5.dfranksdfranks 20478
6.cribbecribbe 19610
7.huggie_spicehuggie_spice 18670
8.eduardo12389eduardo12389 17901
9.czeballosvczeballosv 17009
10.spcole83spcole83 16337

Oh! Thanks - mine was just on Russian. My bad. An official posting would have helped us a bit.

@all - The final results are coming soon, stay tuned for an email and a blog post :slight_smile:

27000!!! I thought i did well with 4,000 :frowning:

All those who participated did well.


I am happy with making all the targets and getting a score of 6658 for the 90-day challenge. Still, it’s nowhere close to the heros like solanderdog and ‘StainedKleaver’.

The top guys must have made A LOT of lingqs to get those scores.

The amount of points doesn´t matter that much IMHO.
I mean, I´ve done 240 hours of listening during the 90 days challenge and received 0 activity points for doing so, while spending 240 hours creating LingQs would´ve increased my score quite a bit.^^

@Ferdy “27000!!! I thought i did well with 4,000 :(”

You have the highest score in Czech, that´s pretty neat.^^

Congratulations to all our participants!

Sounds silly but the promise of an additional item to add to my avatar pushed me to do a heck-load of reading.

I am assuming that everyone involved in the challenge will get an item to add to the avatar. Those aforementioned top LingQers deserve an extra one. Maybe even those who got top rankings within their language should get a special one too (which means I’m due one-- pay up) :slight_smile:

Made quite a bit of progress (especially when it comes to reading and understanding off-line). Also makes me realize that 3 months is quite a long time!


Paule, you have a point. As listening is my weak point I made a point of doing as much as I can both inside and outside of LingQ. I was working in Bratislava and Budapest alot and chose 4 and 6 hour train journies from Prague just so I could blast up my listening times. I didn’t record all of this non lingq listening either.

Also on lingq, i concentrated on listening and reading over and over until i was 100% rather than move on after each new article. The points do seem to indicate your style as much as your commitment.

Result-wise, I’m very impressed with my reading advancement, but still a little frustrated with my listening comprehension. Although it certainly has improved there’s still a long way to go.

@Paule, "I mean, I´ve done 240 hours of listening during the 90 days challenge "

People on the top 10 list eats 240-h blocks for breakfast…(;

“People on the top 10 list eats 240-h blocks for breakfast…”


Solanderdog: 138.4
Stainedcleaver: 275
Mgsoloman: 76
You: 78