That's the last time I'll watch one of his movies

That’s the last time I’ll watch one of his movies. It started out OK, but the ending was terrible! The last scene could mean they stay together. But it may also mean they never see each other again. I can’t stand when directors leave the ending so open!

I saw a paragraph above, and don’t understand why the first sentence used “I’ll watch…”. It sounds like something she is going to do. However, when she talked about the movie, it’s like she has already watched it. Does it make sense?

By the way, what does “directors leave the ending so open” mean?

Thank you!!!

The first sentence equates to - “I’ll never watch another movie of his again.” She just watched one of his movies. She starts describing the movie she just watched in the second sentence and how terrible it was. So she will never watch one of his movies again. This was the last time.

“directors leave the ending so open”…She is that the director didn’t really conclude the story. There are a lot of possibilities of what might have happened…or so many things that could happen that you’re left wondering what would’ve happened next if the movie was to continue. For some this may be interesting and they can wonder what could’ve happened. Others like something where there is no mystery as to what happened or will happen.

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